"Show you care by what you wear"

We were inspired by the enthusiasm of the youth. Unfortunately we can not strike on Thursdays. Yet we also want to do something. How can we show our concern for climate change and support the students in their actions?
We show it by what we wear. 
Through your clothing, you can now also show that you are concerned about the climate.

The planet is crying for help! And at the same time, it is our own  souls who need to be saved.

Youth 4 Climate
Fantastic how the youth finally stands up. No, they are not all tied to a screen! Some really care about our planet and take ACTION!

There is no planet B
For the time being, we are not going to Mars just yet ... So we have no planet B. There is no plan B, no other option. There is only one thing left to do... Save our planet and change the way we live.

Students take action
Greta Thunberg, Anuna De Wever, Kyra Gantois, ... young people and students all over the world take the law into their own hands. They create awareness and put pressure on governments.

My Shi(r)t Matters
Show what you care about. Your shi(r)t is important. Your shirt is bigger then you... 

"Show you care by what you wear"