My Shi(r)t Matters

Our goal: Give everyone a t-shirt by which they can show what they care about.

Show your personality, your interests, your frustrations and your concerns.
Create awareness by showing it to your family, friends, your loved ones and your surroundings.

Whether it's about nature, climate change and pollution. Whether it's about autism, someone dear to you, a charity or even your favorite sport team?

Your shit does matter ... so let it be seen.


I always wondered why somebody doesn't do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody. 

Lily Tomlin

Why "My Shi(r)t Matters"?? 

Animal cruelty, general pollution and global warming. Looking arround makes you see there are some wrongs in the world. People do notice, but often think they can't change a thing about it.

They think "That's just how the world works"... And they are wright. That is how the world works. If no one cares, if no one acts, then that is just how the world works. But if you change how you act, you can change how the world works.

Stop standing on the side line. It is time to act! Show people that you care!


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​Additional information:

  • No product sold in our store is mass produced.
    Everything we sell is printed on demand.
    Nothing is produced unless it has already been purchased by someone.

  • We have printers and suppliers in the EU, US and UK.
    All orders are processed and shipped in the same region.
  • ​The paint, ink and printing methods are among the most ecological and efficient within the sector.
    The social working conditions are continuously monitored and are optimal.

  • We raise awareness about a number of social themes and support people who take actions for what they believe in.